Best Piano Player Christmas Gifts

What are the Best Piano Player Christmas Gifts?

Some of the best piano player Christmas gifts include piano books, headphones for digital pianos, metronomes, and even a new piano. If you have a music lover in your life, there are many options for great gifts that they will adore. In fact, a new piano may very well be the best gift that you can give to your piano player. Pianos are a great feature of many households and can provide your loved one with an array of opportunities for furthering their piano playing skills. These are just a few of the reasons why pianos make such great gifts. In addition, the holiday season is a great time to purchase a piano, because you will often be able to find holiday sales. This can save you a substantial amount of money on the overall expense of your purchase. Here are a few additional great Christmas gifts for piano players.

A Piano Stool

Since your beloved piano player spends so much time playing the piano, they will need a comfortable piano stool. Due to this, a piano stool is an excellent piano player Christmas gift. If a new and comfortable piano stool isn’t quite within your budget, you may even want to consider the purchase of a cushion for the piano stool. This can further improve their comfort during piano playing, without requiring a particularly extensive purchase. In addition, this can prevent the purchase of a piano stool that your piano player doesn’t like.  

Piano Books

piano player

Piano books can be another great piano player Christmas gift. Most piano players are thrilled by the idea of more sheet music for them to play. The purchase of sheet music or piano books can help to expand their music library and provide them with additional opportunities for their piano playing. Consider purchasing fun, easy to play music in a genre that you know they like. For example, a piano book of showtunes is a great ideal for the musical lover in your life. Not only are these gifts often greatly appreciated, but they also show that you put a significant amount of thought into your piano player Christmas gifts.


If your piano player practices on a digital piano, a set of headphones that they can connect to their piano can be a great holiday gift. These headphones will enable them to practice whenever it works for them, because they won’t have to worry about the sound disturbing other people. The right headphones can greatly improve the effectiveness of their practice, as well.


A metronome helps musicians to stay on time and on beat. A metronome can be a great Christmas gift that can help to improve the playing and practice effectiveness of your beloved piano player. While metronome apps are certainly popular, the purchase of a physical metronome can help them to remember to practice with a metronome. This is particularly beneficial if they have difficulty gauging tempo.

Keyboard Carry Bag

If your piano player has a keyboard, you may want to consider purchasing a keyboard carry bag for their Christmas gift. These bags can help to make it easier to transport their keyboard and can also provide protection to the condition of their keyboard. Ensure that you know the size of their keyboard, so that you can choose a keyboard carry bag that will effectively fit their keyboard.

A New Piano

A new piano is an incredible Christmas gift for the music lover in your life. When you purchase a new piano, you can often enhance their ability to practice. You may also want to consider purchasing them a digital piano or keyboard to further improve their piano practice. This gift can also increase their passion and motivation for piano practice.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate to a music store can be a great Christmas gift for many reasons. When you purchase a music store gift certificate, you provide your loved one with the freedom to choose what they desire for their music-related Christmas gift. This can also minimize the chance that you will purchase something that they already have or have no need of.

Piano Stickers

When you are purchasing a gift for a brand new piano player, you might want to consider piano stickers. Piano stickers are designed for the keys of the piano, which can provide them with an easy way to remember the various keys and how to play the piano. By using piano stickers, you can help them to make their piano playing more effective, until they are more used to playing the piano and are comfortable finding the notes on their own.

Music Stand

Music stands can be incredibly beneficial for musicians of all kinds. While pianos often have a place where you can keep your music, some situations may call for a separate music stand. Playing other instruments, for example, will often require the use of a music stand. An effective, high-quality music stand will help to provide your music lover with an easy, convenient place to practice.

Music Stand Light

It can be difficult to read sheet music in certain situations, such as in the pit of a musical. By gifting a music stand light to your music lover, you can help to make it easier for them to play in all different situations. A music stand light can help to light the sheet music and make it much easier to read. These lights can even be beneficial without a music stand because they can also be used on an individual piano.

Your beloved piano player is certain to enjoy whatever gift you give them this holiday season. These ideas can help you to make your holiday season magical. If you need assistance finding a great piano for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, you should consult with our experienced team. At Ogden Piano Gallery, we can help you to identify the right piano to meet all of your specific needs. Contact us for more information! Happy holidays!