Why a Piano is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why a Piano is the Perfect Holiday Gift

We often get asked about purchasing pianos and keyboards for a loved one as a holiday gift. Do we recommend giving a piano or keyboard as a holiday gift, absolutely! Finding the right keyboard or piano can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, the expert team at Ogden Piano Gallery is here to help!

Should I Buy a Keyboard?

Keyboards have three basic sizes: 61-key; 76-key; and 88-key. A full-sized instrument is considered the 88-key. The sizes of these keyboards can make a difference if you are concerned about the amount of available space in the home for a keyboard. We recommend the weighted keys as they do feel like an acoustic piano.

One important element when purchasing a keyboard is to consider the stand. If you have young children learning the piano, consider a keyboard with a strong stand as it can withstand a lot of the activity placed upon it by kids. Keyboards are normally easier for beginners as they can be set up just about anywhere in the home, and they cost less from some of the larger pianos. If you know your child is committed to piano, and not just merely interested, purchasing an upright piano may be a smart investment.

A final note, when purchasing a keyboard, consider the 88-key instrument as they tend to be finer quality and last longer from the smaller keyboards. If you are considering a keyboard, know that the weighted keys are the higher quality keyboards.

Should I Purchase a Piano?

If you are shopping for a loved one, and want to purchase a gift for someone that is an intermediate to advanced pianist, a traditional piano is a great purchase. Vertical pianos are called upright pianos and have the same musical power as a small grand piano. Many people prefer upright pianos as they do not require as much space as a baby grand or a grand piano. If size, price, and quality of sound are important, a vertical (upright) piano is an excellent purchase.

Baby (small) grand pianos are less expensive from a grand piano and just as beautiful. They are made for homes with a little extra space, but not enough that a grand piano could fit nicely.

A grand piano is the piano to buy for someone that adores playing piano and wants the best piano on the market. A full sized grand piano normally has three legs and measures between 6 to 9 long and produces enough sound to fill out an auditorium. The price of the grand piano can vary based on the quality of the piano. It is a wise decision to consult with your loved one before you do make the purchase of a grand piano. One important thing to know about grand pianos is that they do hold their value well and can be sold at a similar price if well maintained.

What is a Digital Piano?

If you are looking for a piano that combines the beautiful sound of a traditional acoustic piano with modern electronic technology, a digital piano is a great purchase. We have several trusted piano brands including; Yamaha, Casio, Samick, and more. To learn more about why the piano is a perfect holiday gift, call Ogden Piano Gallery today!

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