Is your piano sounding a little rusty? Does your digital piano have a “bug”? If it’s time to give your piano some love, we can help!

The Ogden Piano Gallery staffs expert piano tuners and technicians who can service any piano, acoustic or digital. We’ll help you keep your piano in top condition and playing beautifully.

Note: Average prices for piano tuning in Northern Utah range from $90 to $140 per tuning. We do it for less! Our basic tuning services start at $80.

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This feature allows a higher level of connectivity between both teachers and students as it opens up options for teachers to make themselves available to those in search of music and instrument education. We provide spaces for biographies, maps and contact options so that teachers have the opportunity to connect with students and spread their wealth of knowledge.

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Piano Movers
We are a full service piano dealership that can help with any of your piano and organ needs.

We have our own in-house professional piano movers with the ability to move your piano safely and efficiently. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your piano or organ will be safely moved.

Time to clear out the old piano? The Ogden Piano Gallery will buy or help you sell your used piano! Click here to learn more.

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