Piano Lessons

Lessons offered through Davis Music Academy

There are few things so rewarding as being able to sit down and play a song you love. Whether you prefer classical, cinematic, pop, or more, it all starts when you sit down and start to learn the basics.

The Ogden Piano Gallery has partnered with the Davis Music Academy to offer group and private lessons to help you and/or your children to start their musical journey! Receive professional-grade lessons from qualified teachers with years of experience here at the Ogden Piano Gallery location.

For additional details, visit the Davis Music Academy's website at http://www.davismusicacademy.com, or give their Director, Jamie, a call at 801-698-8924 and she'll answer any additional questions!

Call today to enroll or get more information

Step-By-Step Piano Lessons From A Professional Instructor

The professionals from the Davis Music Academy will guide you through techniques to help you quickly start playing and improve your skill level.

Step 1

Register today by calling the Davis Music Academy at 801-698-8924.

Step 2

They will supply you with your lessons, schedule, and introduction to your instructor. With this, you will know what to expect from the learning experience, how, why, and when.

Step 3

Follow the course curriculum, practice your lessons, and get valuable feedback from your instructor and keep learning and having fun!

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