Are Piano Books Useful For Beginners?

Wondering, Are Piano Books Useful For Beginners or not ? When it comes to learning the piano, having piano books handy is not so much a question of “if” as it is “which ones.” Regardless of your skill level on the piano, sheet music is a key tool for learning new songs and improving your skills. Even professionals still have piano books handy to help them learn new music and revisit old favorites. Building up a library of sheet music gives you the tools to get the most out of each minute of practice.

Have you ever wondered why some people can sit down at a piano and make beautiful music, while someone else could but somehow only make noise? What is that secret that makes one so pleasant and the other not so much?

The truth is that there is a formula to music. It’s the reason why Beethoven is still so famous, but a kid banging a spoon against a pot is… well, not so much.

Piano books are the key to learning that formula. The more you collect, the more it is as though you’ve hired another teacher to help you improve. Without them, you’re left to do your best “playing it by ear,” which is not only more complicated, but also much more time consuming.

Piano Books Make It Easier To Learn The Basics

Every professional was a beginner at some point. Think of your favorite musicians: Mozart, John Legend, Billy Joel, Sara Bareilles; at one point in their lives, each one had to sit down and learn what each piano key meant. Learn how to clean piano keys!

The basics are your musical best friends. All that comes after is building on those. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and learn the entire history of pianos (though it definitely is interesting). But trying to play a song on the piano without learning those basics is like trying to do a front flip before learning to somersault. Odds are you’ll end up with some hard landings.

Here’s the good news: piano books provide you with step-by-step instructions for mastering the groundwork. Maybe your goal is just to learn a single song, but once you’ve learned the basics, you may not even realize that you’ve unlocked the secret towards playing so many others.

With Piano Books For Beginners, You Can Learn According To Your Style

No matter how you learn, it is not difficult to find a piano book that caters to your style. Learning a new instrument is supposed to be fun, which means you deserve to learn it in the way that will stick with you.

  • If you are a visual learner, you will want to find a piano book with lots of diagrams to show you how to do the motions
  • If you are a doer, then you will benefit the most from a piano book containing lots of exercises
  • If you are a listener, there are many piano books that come with audio CDs which provide a guide you can listen to

Your path to becoming a skilled pianist becomes much easier with piano books. Opening one up spares you frustration and wasted hours trying to plunk out notes, unsure if you’re doing any of it right.

Beginner Piano Books Put All The Basics In One Place

As a beginner piano player, you might have come across some lingo you’re not familiar with. What does it have to do with playing a song? You don’t want to waste time going on the hunt for answers. Piano books for beginners put all of this in one place, in terms that are easy to understand.

Inside, you’ll find information on piano fingering, piano scales, music theory, and learning exercises.

Piano Fingering

Put simply, piano fingering is knowing what finger to use to play certain notes. You will be amazed at how much easier playing the piano becomes when you’ve strengthened your piano fingering.

Piano Scales

Piano scales help you understand the building blocks of music. Not only will they help you develop skills of playing, but they will also cut away the confusion of playing in “keys.”

Music Theory

Rhythm, harmony, and melody are all words you know. Music theory teaches you how to use them. Just like learning a language means that you have to know how to use grammar, music theory means you get to learn all about the secrets of what makes music sound so beautiful.

Learning Exercises

Just like you need to exercise to keep your muscles strong, piano exercises will only make you a better player. Beginner piano books are filled with exercises to improve your piano fingering, help you learn the scales, and teach you the basics of music theory.

In addition to learning how to read sheet music, beginner piano books give you the essentials of growing your piano talents. This means that you can experience the pride of watching yourself get better and better every time you sit down to play.

Ogden Piano Gallery Has The Best For Beginners

You want an easier experience learning to play the piano. Beginner piano books are the way to get there. Not taking advantage of these resources will only make learning the piano harder, forcing you to waste time scrambling to find useful information.

Beginner piano books gather all of the lessons you need to grow your confidence and skills at the piano in one place. You can start your journey to mastering this instrument the moment you open up one of those books. The formula to making music out of noise will be right at your fingertips.

If you’re unsure where to start looking for beginner sheet music, check out our blog post on how to choose the best piano book for beginners. But if you are ready to master the piano, then visit the Ogden Piano Gallery today. You get the benefit of getting to browse our selection of beginner piano books, which means you get to look inside and find the one that suits you best (something you can’t do online).

If you have any questions, or want to know if we have a certain piece of music, then feel free to contact us. Helping you develop your piano talents and love of music is our absolute pleasure.

Start learning this amazing instrument today. Visit the Ogden Piano Gallery.

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