Tips for Piano Shopping

Piano shopping can be an exciting process. It is important to take the steps to optimize your shopping process in order to find the piano that will meet all of your specific needs. Our experienced team at Ogden Piano Gallery can help you to find the piano of your dreams. Following these tips for superior piano shopping will help you to choose the right piano for your household. It will be important to visit a piano showroom in order to examine the piano thoroughly. You should never purchase a piano without seeing it in person first. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have prior to your purchase of a piano.

Pay Attention to the Sound

Each person will have different preferences for the sound of their piano. Some people prefer for a piano to have a bright, cheerful tone. Others prefer a rich, somber tone. It is important to consider your preferences and the sound that you would like for your piano. Try out multiple pianos and pay attention to which sounds you prefer. This will help you to make the best decision. Even if you won’t be the one playing the piano in your home, you will want to purchase a piano that you enjoy the sound of, because you are still likely to hear it on a regular basis.


Carefully examine the keys of the piano that you intend to purchase. The keyboard needs to be in good shape to allow for easy playing of the piano. Ensure that the keys are all smooth and free of any damage or cracks. You will likely want to try playing the piano in order to get a feel for the condition of the keys, as not all damage will be immediately apparent to the eye.

Consider the Time of Year

There are various times of the year when you are likely to get a better deal on a piano. Around holidays and after spring cleaning are just some of the best times in which to buy a piano. Ensure that you understand the best time of the year for piano buying to ensure the most positive piano buying experience possible.


Consider where you plan on putting the piano before you purchase one. You will want to think about the acoustics of the room and how that may impact the sound of the piano. In addition, you will need to measure the space that you have available. This will help you to choose a piano that is the perfect size to fit inside your home. You certainly don’t want to fall in love with a particular piano only to realize that it is too large for the space you set aside for the piano.


Ask if a warranty is available for the piano that you decide to purchase. This warranty will cover possible damage to your piano over a certain period of time. A warranty can be particularly beneficial in protecting your piano investment. Obtaining information regarding any warranties is a great step to help you choose a piano.

Brand of Piano

piano shopping

There are many brands that are capable of producing consistently reliable, high-quality pianos. While brand shouldn’t be your sole consideration, it can be useful in narrowing down your options. At Ogden Piano Gallery, we offer more than 10 brands of pianos, so you are certain to find a brand that meets your needs. Yamaha, ARIUS, and CASIO are just a few great options for the brand of your piano.

Decide if you Want Used or New

Consider whether you want a used or a new piano. There are advantages and drawbacks to each of these types of piano. A used piano, for example, is often less expensive and has more character. A new piano, on the other hand, has fewer issues and can ensure that you obtain all of the characteristics that you want from your piano. Learning about each variety will help you to decide what you want from your piano.

Digital Piano Considerations

There are some considerations that apply specifically to digital pianos. For example, digital pianos may come in different sizes. Though this will depend on the proficiency of the player, it is often most beneficial to obtain an 88-key, full-sized digital piano. You will also want to test the response of these keys, paying particular attention to the sensitivity and weight of the keys that the digital piano has.

Play it First

Play the piano before you purchase it. This will help you to get a feel for which piano you want. Without playing the piano, you won’t be able to hear the sound or feel the keys. If you are nervous about playing in front of someone else, you can always ask the associate to leave you alone with the piano for a few minutes so that you can play it. If you are purchasing the piano for another person, like your child or another loved one, you should bring the player along with you to the piano showroom. Have them test it out so that they can pick a piano that meets all of their specific needs.

Consider your Budget

Ensure that you consider your budget and what you are willing to spend on a piano. This will help you to find a piano that fits within your budget. It can also help to narrow down your search when you are trying to choose a piano. Considering your budget is an incredibly important component of choosing a piano that will meet your needs.

Our experienced team at Ogden Piano Gallery is dedicated to providing you with the various services that are necessary in obtaining the ideal piano for your home. Keeping all of these considerations and tips in mind can go a long way toward finding the ideal piano for your home. If you want to learn more about the best methods for finding a piano or to get started on your piano shopping process, contact us at Ogden Piano Gallery today!

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