The Joy of Giving


Some of the most heart-warming moments in our lives are born from the joy we experience as we see the impact our loving gestures have on those around us. Simply bringing a smile to a loved ones face can fill us with a profound sense of wonderment and invincibility as though we could move mountains. When we give a little of ourselves to those around us we make the world shine a little brighter. We can change someone’s terrible day into a bright gleaming moment of hope just by filling their meter for them or offering up a seat on a crowded bus. Appreciation and love for our fellow mankind is the true beating heart of humanity and it empowers all of us through our daily lives. Gestures of kindness can be witnessed all around us and each one of us has a story to tell.


One such story can be found in the heart of The Ogden Piano Gallery owner Dan Dearing. He recalls one of many a touching story of love and generosity that has crossed the doorstep of The Ogden Piano Gallery in the past. His story is evidence of the impact one can make on another by making a kind gesture and going above and beyond. Though it may simply appear as a seemingly small act of thoughtfulness, his story reveals the true impression one’s thoughtfulness of others can have on all of us.


Listening to Dan recall his tale one can hear the impact it had on him and can hear how it touched him. His voice grows softer as he begins to speak of a little girl perhaps nine or ten who had touched the lives of so many. In her young years, she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer yet she faced each day with a love of life and a positive outlook. One of her passions, a great longing if you will, was to play the piano. Her youth and passion yearned to be expressed through the art of music. Life is such a precious gift and the joy of a child’s smile and warmth they bring into a room is paramount to any material object one can acquire yet to see a smile on a child’s face and to be the one that brings that smile makes all of life’s trials seem a little less heavy to bear.


The Make-A-Wish Foundation learned of her desire to play and visited The Ogden Piano Gallery. After carefully selecting the perfect piano, which had to be satin finished so they could paint a mural in honor of the little girl, The Make-A-Wish Foundation purchased and delivered the gift much to the awe and surprise of our young heroine. The joy that The Make-A-Wish Foundation and The Ogden Piano Gallery delivered to such a strong, young heart offers just one more example of the joys we are all capable of giving to one another and the love and hope we all carry deep within our hearts.

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