The Benefits of Playing Music in a Group

We have previously discussed the multiple benefits of learning how to play music or obtaining music lessons. In addition to all of these benefits, there are more benefits that you can obtain when you regularly play music in a group. These benefits can apply to playing in an ensemble, taking group lessons, or simply playing regularly with friends. Here are just a few of the benefits of playing music in a group setting.

Benefits of Playing Music

Playing music can significantly improve your life. It has been shown to actually change brain structure and enhance the functionality of the brain. Though these benefits are often more pronounced when music is learned as a child, it is still incredibly beneficial for adults. Playing music can help to improve the memory, as well as increase alertness. Playing music has been shown to make people happier and substantially improve their overall coordination. Regularly playing music goes a long way toward improving the overall quality of life and provides multiple benefits.

Playing Music in a Group

There are many ways that you can begin to play music in a group. If you have any musically-inclined friends, you may be able to set up regular times to practice together. You can join a musical ensemble or obtain group lessons. Playing music in a group is extremely different from practicing on your own. Understanding how to play in either scenario can make you a very versatile musician, which will allow you to apply your musical skills in a broader array of situations.

More Social Interaction

music in a group

Both children and adults alike can benefit from increased social interaction. For children, playing music in a group can help to develop excellent communication skills and the ability to work together. When adults have less social interaction, they are more likely to develop emotional problems, like depression. By playing music in a group, you can form relationships, make new friends, improve communication, and ultimately improve your life.

Grow Cooperation Skills

Playing music in a group setting requires individuals to work in tandem with each other. Through regularly playing music with a group, you can improve your skills of cooperation, as well as communication. Playing music in a group requires you to listen to others, rather than simply focusing on your own playing. It involves harmonizing, following a set tempo, and ensuring that instruments are tuned appropriately. Thorough cooperation is fostered through playing music along with other individuals.

Allows for Versatile Teaching Techniques

There are generally a limited number of teaching techniques for private music lessons. In a group setting, however, the teacher has more options to work on the group’s musical skills. This can help to ensure a variety of teaching styles, which can be beneficial for everyone.

Help Overcome Shyness

Group music playing can go a long way toward helping children and adults alike to overcome shyness. Not only will they regularly be communicating with others, but they will also gain more experience playing music in front of other people. This can make them more comfortable with performing in front of a group, which can enhance their skills and improve their musical capabilities.

Reduce Pressure

Private lessons can result in a significant amount of pressure on an individual. In these lessons, it can be stressful when they are simply between the student and the teacher. A group setting can go a long way toward reducing the pressure and enhancing the enjoyment of learning and music.

Reinforce Learning

Playing music in a group can go a long way toward reinforcing learning from private music lessons. These groups can allow individuals to apply the things they’ve learned in a way that can make them much more memorable. In addition, group settings allows for collaboration between musicians. It allows both musicians to provide advice and helpful tips to each other, which can go a long way toward improving the skills of each.

Provide Motivation

A little healthy competition can significantly improve your playing. If you have no real motivation to improve, you may become complacent with your practice. However, playing in a group setting can provide you with motivation to practice in your free time and take all of the steps necessary to substantially improve your skills. If you feel like you’ve been in a rut with your music playing, it can be incredibly beneficial to join music groups to add a little spice to your music playing life.

Improved Focus

When you play in a group, you will have to focus on many things simultaneously. You need to listen to others around you, as well as focus on your own playing. Regular group playing can go a long way toward improving your focus and allowing you to multi-task effectively.

Learn How to Play with Others

It requires different skills to play alongside other people than it does to play on your own. Regularly playing music in a group setting allows you to develop these skills and incorporate them into your music practice. There are many opportunities to play alongside other people, so it can be particularly beneficial to learn how to play with other musicians. It will also ensure that you learn how to follow the directions of a conductor. This will help you to concentrate on their signals, while simultaneously playing.

Excellent Teamwork

Playing music in a group setting will allow you to improve your overall teamwork and enhance your abilities to cooperate with others. Excellent teamwork can be beneficial in all aspects of your life, beyond playing music in a group setting.

Music can add a significant amount of richness to your life. There are a multitude of benefits to learning how to play music. There are even more benefits to playing music in a group setting. Here at Ogden Piano Gallery, we carry a large selection of pianos that can help to get you started on your musical path. In addition, we offer group lessons for seniors to provide all of the benefits of playing music in a group. To learn more about our classes, events, and pianos, contact our experts at Ogden Piano Gallery today!

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