The Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

The Benefits of Learning to Play the Piano

The piano has long been known as one of the best ways to reduce stress and tension. Recent studies at Loma Linda University and the University of Miami show that playing the piano is linked to a number of other health benefits. If you have yet to learn the piano, it is never too late! The Ogden Piano Gallery provides music for nearly all the music teachers in the area who provide music lessons to all ages. If you are looking for a music teacher or piano teacher in Weber or Davis counties, please let us know and we are happy to provide a list of area teachers.

Here are nine benefits of learning to play the piano.

Learning to Handle Criticism

Children often look upon a piano teacher as a leader and expert in their field, making it easy for them to be able to receive constructive criticism. Learning how to handle criticism is a healthy habit to learn as it will carry over into adulthood. The ability to respond to criticism can help an individual enhance their skills and learn the importance of practicing until they can master a piece given by an instructor.

Learning to Handle Stress

Another important aspect of learning to play the piano is learning how to handle stress. Participating in piano recitals can help a student learn how to perform with a crowd of people watching them. Learning how to deal with the symptoms of stage fright can be a difficult challenge for a number of people. With regular exposure to piano recitals, group recitals, and practicing in front of family will help a person learn how to overcome symptoms of stage fright. Students will learn the skills of self-discipline, dedication, and goal setting.

Music Enhances Listening Skills

As a student learns the piano, they begin to develop an ability to listen to different sounds. This ability helps a person to focus on lessons given by instructors, helping them with academic success. Music truly does help to keep the ears young and it is never too late to start taking piano lessons.

Improve Test Scores

When students begin piano lessons at a young age, they are capable of learning memorization, practice, and important skills to make them a good student. Middle and high school students often find testing is easier thanks to years of music lessons. In fact, several research studies performed at Georgia and Texas Universities found students that have participated in piano lessons have a higher level of academic success in science, math, and language arts.

Learning to Handle Disappointment and Success

When individuals practice piano lessons frequently, they will be able to learn what it feels like to experience success and how to handle disappointments. A good piano teacher will be able to help students understand how to cope with disappointments and keep a positive mindset.

Strengthen the Brain

When an individual learns the piano, it does start to create new neural connections. Not only does music help to strengthen the brain, it can assist in strengthening memory and attention. Individuals can learn language through music as it helps people to incorporate sound patterns into words.

Social Skills

Learning to play the piano can help an individual with social skills. Some people find that learning to play the piano can make it easier to talk other people. The piano gives you the ability to share your talent with others and it can help shy individuals to place themselves in the spotlight and learn how to connect with others.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When an individual learns to play the piano, it can help to calm the senses. Individuals can find the piano to be a great stress reducer and can assist in managing anxiety. Many individuals with depression find playing the piano can become a comfort in times when they are lonely or depressed.

Split Concentration

As a person learns to play the piano, they are capable of split concentration. Initially playing the piano can be challenging for people as you need to coordinate two hands as you learn the music. Over time, with practice, good sheet music, and a good piano teacher, you will be able to find that playing the piano is easy and can become second nature.

Final Notes

No matter what age you are, taking up piano lessons is one of the best ways to develop a new talent and hobby. Come to The Piano Gallery to buy a piano that is ideal for your home.  We offer northern Utah’s largest selection of pianos and we’re right off the freeway in Ogden. We can help you learn how to play the piano and find out how this amazing skill will be able to enhance your mind! Call The Piano Gallery in Ogden today for more information (801)779-9700!

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  • It’s interesting that you mention that learning to play the piano can help make you more successful academically. I want to do well in my college courses, so I’m considering taking an online piano class. I’m going to search for a good piano teacher to use that offers online lessons.

  • It sure got my attention when you said that learning how to play the piano can actually improve the socialization skills of a person because that will give them the confidence to share their talents and passion with other people. I guess my mom was right when she said that I should get my son involved in music because she noticed that the boy can be a bit shy. At first, I didn’t know how learning music can help, so reading this article was very helpful. I think it will be best to ask him first if he would like to give it a try. If he agrees, then I will get him a piano so he can start right away. Thank you.