Is your piano sounding a little rusty?

Does your digital piano have a “bug”?

If it’s time to give your piano some love, we can help!

The Ogden Piano Gallery staffs expert piano tuners and technicians who can service any piano, acoustic or digital. We’ll help you keep your piano in top condition and playing beautifully.

Note: Average prices for piano tuning in Northern Utah range from $90 to $140 per tuning. We do it for less! Our basic tuning services start at $80.


Piano Specials

Single Tuning Voucher:

Purchase a single tuning voucher for $80.

(a $10+ savings)

Voucher good for 12 months.

Piano Specials

3 Tuning Vouchers:

Purchase three tuning vouchers for $199.

(a $71+ savings)

Vouchers good for 24 months.

Piano tuning packages make great gifts!

How often should you tune your piano? Check out our blog post on creating an ideal piano maintenance schedule. If you need more than a basic tuning, we’re happy to provide a quote for servicing – just fill out the form to the right.

Contact us to buy a tuning voucher or schedule a service.


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