Reasons You Should Learn To Play The Piano

Here are a few reasons why you should consider learning to play the piano this year…

(And yes, we know that there are more than just 9 reasons to play the piano!)

  1. Everyone should play at least one instrument. We truly believe that. Every person on Earth should be able to sit at SOME instrument and be capable of making beautiful music.
  2. Playing the piano makes you feel (and look) sophisticated. Truly. You’ll exude class the second you begin tickling those ivories.
  3. Piano playing keeps your brain active. It’s very hard for your brain to rot when you consistently throw it the musical language to interpret.
  4. Piano playing is good for your hands. And have you ever noticed the hands of a pianist? Beautiful, long, tapered fingers. Chances are that if you’ve ever admired someone’s hands, they play the piano.
  5. Pianists never quit learning. There’s absolutely no way to memorize every musical piece on earth. You could learn 10 new songs a day for the rest of your life without scratching the surface of songs out there.
  6. Piano playing is FUN. Really. It’s one of the funnest things we do. Think about it, why would so many of us do it if it wasn’t a blast?
  7. Deep down, everyone wishes they played the piano. Have you ever read other people’s New Year’s Resolutions lists? That wish consistently pops up: “Learn to play the piano.”
  8. Piano playing is SATISFYING. There’s no better ego boost or feeling like playing a difficult song and playing it flawlessly.
  9. Everyone loves a musician. Enough said. 🙂

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