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The Day Before your Piano Recital

It can be tempting to get into crunch time the day before your piano recital and practice from dawn until dusk. However, this will likely only have a detrimental impact on your actual performance at the piano recital. Taking time to relax and reduce your stress the day before your piano recital will help you to have a more positive experience. While a fast run through of the piece may be beneficial, it is important to keep your practice time to a minimum. This will enable you to have a successful, positive performance.

Visualize The Success Of Your Piano Recital

piano recital

You’ve likely heard a great deal about the advantages of visualizing success. Taking some time to visualize a successful performance can help you to get control of your nerves and have a superior performance. The power of positive thinking will often be able to substantially enhance your performance.

Take Time to Breathe

Practicing breathing exercises will help you to control the physical symptoms that can cause anxiety before your performance. It is also important to not overschedule the day before the piano recital, as this can increase your stress levels. Taking some time to breathe can help you to reduce your anxiety and have a more positive experience.

Do Something you Enjoy

Distracting yourself before your piano recital can also help you to have a more positive experience during your performance. Spend some time doing what you enjoy the day before your piano recital. This will allow you to have fun and enjoy the day, rather than fixating on the piano recital before you.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

Eating too much sugar can cause you to feel jittery and ill on the day of your piano recital. It is important to focus on eating healthy, nutritious meals on the day before your piano recital. Reducing the amount of sugar that you consume will often enable you to feel better during your performance. It is also important to ensure that you stay hydrated as much as possible. By staying hydrated the day before the piano recital, it will be easier to remain hydrated throughout your performance. This will help you to be much more comfortable during the recital.

Prepare in Advance

The last thing that you want is to be rushing to gather everything that you need before your piano recital. This will increase the likelihood that you will forget something important, as well as have higher levels of stress. Gather the clothing you intend to wear, as well as any items you need the day before your performance. This will enable you to minimize problems and ensure that you have everything you need for your performance. It is also useful to clear your schedule as much as possible on the day of your piano recital.

Be Positive

If you fixate on all of the mistakes you might make during your performance, you will be far more likely to make mistakes. Try to stay as positive as possible on the day before you perform. This positivity will improve your performance, as well as improve your reaction to any mistakes that may actually happen during the performance. The last thing you want to do is let a mistake impact your performance. Just keep playing, even if you feel like you have made a mistake. This will minimize the impact that the mistake has on the overall quality of your performance.

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you get enough sleep on the night prior to your piano recital. Go to bed early and ensure that you are able to get enough sleep to have a positive performance. When you are tired, it will be more difficult to concentrate and perform at your best. Minimize distractions and get as much sleep as possible before your piano recital.

Rock Your Piano Recital With Ogden Piano Gallery

When you have an impending piano recital, following these steps can help you to obtain a better experience. Our experts at Ogden Piano Gallery can help to provide you with the ideal piano to meet all of your piano recital needs. For more information about having a good piano recital performance or the pianos that we have available, contact us at Ogden Piano Gallery today.


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