Playing a Piano as a Senior

Health Benefits of Learning To Play Piano as a Senior

Northwestern University conducted a study on piano and seniors and found that individuals playing the piano helps to build neural connections, improving memory and clarity. Even a small amount of musical training will have long-lasting effects on the brain. Playing a musical instrument is a great way to stay mentally fit.

Many people avoid learning instruments in their senior years because they think they are unable to learn them if they didn’t learn them in childhood. However, studies have broken this thinking as they have proven we can still learn new skills as we age.

Dr. Jennifer MacRitchie conducted a study of seniors and placed them in a six-week course of music lessons and how it would impact their daily life. What she found was instruments helped to increase connections between brain and hand muscles.

Music has often been used in nursing homes as it has shown an improvement in the mood of patients. Patients with dementia have been known to sing all the lyrics to a song, even if they cannot remember other things in their past.

If you would like to look for new ways to enrich your life, consider starting music lessons. Anyone can learn how to play the piano! At Ogden Piano Gallery, we can help you on your way to learning music with multiple piano options to choose from. We even have a network of teachers we can refer to help you learn piano as a senior.

Here are some of the health benefits of learning to play the piano as a senior:

  • Cognitive improvement – When participating in piano lessons, it increases neural connections. Neurons are responsible for transmitting and processing information. Playing piano adds to the neural connections, increasing overall brain function.
  • Stress reduction – Piano helps to reduce stress by teaching the mind to relax. Playing piano helps seniors to focus on one thing instead of other things that can cause stress including health problems.
  • Relationship building – The piano helps seniors to build relationships with other people. As many seniors have difficulties with loneliness, piano lessons can be a great way to get out of the house and meet other people.
  • Improve hand/eye coordination – When you play the piano, you must read. As you read, you train your hands to continue working at the same time. Improving hand and eye coordination will strengthen several parts of the brain.
  • Increases HGH – Human growth hormone (HGH) helps to reduce muscle pain and inflammation. Seniors tend to have additional aches and pains, which makes HGH an important hormone in the body to reduce such problems. Studies have shown individuals playing piano have a higher level of HGH from others. HGH has been show to decrease osteoporosis and increase energy levels.
  • Inspires creativity – Piano helps to improve creativity as you need to use divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is when your brain is using both sides. Piano helps you to use both sides of the brain, which directly correlates to creative thinking.

Bring music into your home! Come by Ogden Piano Gallery to learn more about which piano is the best for you to use to start music lessons as a senior.

  1. Rene Figueroa 3 years ago

    I’m 57 and want to learn to play piano

  2. Jorge Miranda 3 years ago

    I always in my life want to learn piano,
    just only to hear the sound of piano
    give me such kind of the rest , calm and inspiration to imagine how you can
    express love, passion to the delivery to
    someone that you love.

  3. Jorge Miranda 3 years ago

    I always in my life want to learn piano,
    just only to hear the sound of piano
    give me such kind of the rest , calm and inspiration to imagine how you can
    express love, passion to the delivery to
    someone that you love.
    That why I would like to learn piano a cure
    against the lonely.

  4. Anton Ossa 3 years ago

    I began playing the piano at 60 years of age. I am now pushing 65 and can play pretty well. It has given me untold pleasure and peace of mind.

  5. Jean McKeever 3 years ago

    The best gift I received from my parents was piano lessons. I learn to play piano when I was 7 years old. I am now 77. I have played off and on over the years. I recently received a piano for my home which makes me very happy. The piano was free from a “Buy Nothing” Facebook group.

  6. rachel frampton 1 year ago

    My grandma would like to learn to play the piano; maybe because she wants to have a new hobby, which is why we’re currently looking for a music teacher. Well, it’s good to know that playing a piano instrument will help add neural connection, hence increasing the overall brain function. Thank you for also sharing here that this hobby will help reduce her stress.

  7. Afton Jackson 1 year ago

    You caught my attention when you stated that playing the piano is a great way to have a stress-relieving hobby as an adult. I’ve always been interested in music myself, and have recently learned that it’s my preferred way of relaxing after a long day of work. I could definitely see myself enjoying it more if I played my own music, so I’ll look for any places I can get piano lessons from right away.

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