Weekly Class Songs

Songs to Learn on May 10th & 11th

TUESDAY @ 12:00 BOOK: #204 Best Easy Listening Songs Ever

All Out of Love

Page 4 M=65-75
EZ4: Smooth FB
Fanfare: Smooth FB
Stardust: Soft N easy: Basic, Roses
Try SSU”s for 70’ love Song, Barry Can’t Smile, Roses, Stand By You Watch 8th notes and triplets
TUESDAY @ 2:00 & WEDNESDAY @12:30 BOOK: #216 Frank Sinatra


Page 238 M=132
 Try SSU’s Pink 1
Try: Chicago Swing, Satin Lady, Beyond a Sea,
TUESDAY @ 3:30 & Book: #57 More of The Best Songs Ever

I Heard it ...the Grapevine

Page 84 M=100-116
Blue 3- Rock (8Beat)
Try: SSU-Old Time Rock, 8-Beat Rock. Skip first ending.
Wednesday @ 11:00 Book: The Great American Songbook The Composers

Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man

PAGE 72 M=100-120
Legacy/Hld Classic-Foxtrot-Dixieland
Rhapsody-Foxtrot-Tap/Soft Shoe Royal/Performer-Fotxtrot-Razz-ma-Tazz
Stardust-Foxtrot-Swing & Sway
Inspire-Standards2-Swing & Sway Prestige/Sterling-Foxtrot-Brass Bandit Imperial/Patriot-Foxtrot-Brass Bandit
Marquee-More5-Got Swing
: FX-Stop-Easy, Glide, Key Glide, Genius Buttons, Smash w/FX, Brass (shake), Grace Note, Ballance.

Songs to Learn on May 3rd & 4th

TUESDAY @ 12:00 BOOK: #134-AFI Top 100 Movie Songs

I Got Rhythm

Page 298 M=140-160
EZ2-Standards-Full Band
EZ4-Standards-Full Band
EZ10-Pop-Pianist (add drums)
Holiday Clsc-Pop-Sand-ee-man
Fanfare-Standards2-Full Band
Stardust-Ragtime-Stride Piano
Inspire/Prestige-Special-Mr. Showman
*Strling/Imprl-Foxtrot-Smooth Foxtrot
Patriot-Big Band-Vegas Big Band
Marquee-More1-Swing of India n/o
Try: SSU, Piano w/Repeat & AOC, Foxtrot-Champange w/Alter. SSU’s to try: Hello Dolly – Dixieland When the Saints Go marching In- Razz-ma-Tazz In the Mood- Swing Band Mack the Knife – McSwing
TUESDAY @ 2:00 & WEDNESDAY @12:30 BOOK: #216 Frank Sinatra

When You're Smiling...

Page 233 M=124-134
COLOR-Pink1=Big Band Swing
COLOR-Purple 6=Pop Shuffle
Try: SSU, Rhythms? Slow Swing?, Edim, Chord Substitution Chart, Features in Pedals.

TUESDAY @ 3:30 & Book: #57 More of The Best Songs Ever

I Could Write a Book

Page 82 M=110-130
Pink 1- BB-Swing Pink
3 - Slow Swing
Try: More- Got Swing, NY Swing, Swing/Basic Dream Kiss
Wednesday @ 11:00 Book: The Great American Songbook The Composers

Buttons and Bows

Page 67 M=68-75
Holiday Classic-Broadway-Opener
Rialto/Royal-Traditional-Greek Dance Stardust/Performer-Polka-Can Can
Inspire/Prestige-Polka-Ballroom Polka
Strling/Imprl-Polka-Accordian Polka
Patriot-Broadway-Theatre Organ
Grand Marquee-More7-Born Free
Try: Cut Time, Accordian.