Christmas and the Element of Surprise

Christmas and the Element of Surprise

Evidence of the joy and love that surrounds each of us at Christmas time can be seen from the smallest gesture, like delivering a plate of cookies to your neighbors, to the grandest display of finding that one special thing your loved one has always longed for and making it happen. The warmth that fills ones heart the moment they see the effort their loved one has made to make their dreams come true is paramount. At The Ogden Piano Gallery we have been blessed to share in some of those special moments and would like to share a few of our favorite memories with you. Today, our very own Jack has shared one of his favorite memories of surprise and love.

Jack’s Story

Jack’s story is full of the evidence of one’s love for another. He tells the tale of a husband who, together, they surprised his wife with a Grand Piano. The man’s wife had longed for a piano for years. Perhaps through work, life or varying circumstances she was never able to acquire one. Her husband knew, though, how much she had longed to own and play one and made a secret visit to The Ogden Piano Gallery where he met with Jack. As the husband began to explain to Jack his wife’s desire and passion for the piano, Jack could feel the love this man had for his wife and felt a warming sense of inspiration. As they talked a plan began to form.

The Plan of Action

The husband wanted to give his wife the most delightful surprises of her lifetime. To achieve this, it was decided he would take his wife to lunch in the middle of the day, perhaps spend some time out and about in the city or take in a movie. During this time, he had arranged for The Ogden Piano Gallery’s delivery team to come in with the Grand Piano and set it up. Along with the finishing touches, they affixed a big red bow. Imagine walking into a room and your eyes land on a gorgeous piano with a big red bow shimmering atop it, one word comes to mind: breathtaking. Having made their delivery and timely departure, The Ogden Piano Gallery team returned to the store. Their mission accomplished and the warmth of being a part of something so special filling their hearts.

A Happy Ending

So touched by the experienced, the husband returned to the store after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and New Years had ended and spoke to Jack about the outcome of the surprise. The husband explained to Jack that the moment they had walked in the door his wife had been so surprised and overcome with joy that she began to cry tears of excitement for finding a gift she had wanted for decades right in her own home. The experience had touched the hearts of all those involved and stands out to this day as a cherished memory in hearts and minds of the team at The Ogden Piano Gallery.

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