How to Choose the Best Piano Book for Beginners

Learning to play the piano can enrich your life in many ways. Not only does it develop skills to make you more talented and creative, but it can also offer both mental and physical benefits. If you are serious about learning to play the piano, you will need to find a piano book that is aimed at beginner levels. The right piano book will help music students build a solid foundation.

How to Choose the Best Piano Book for Beginners

Every beginning piano book is comprised of different information, but most will teach the following:

  • Piano Fingering

Learning proper hand and finger positioning is essential for beginner piano players. The piano book you choose should teach correct piano fingering. In piano lingo, fingering refers to using the correct finger to play each note of a song.

  • Piano Scales

Studying piano scales will help lay the foundation for your understanding of music.

  • Music Theory

Just like written language has grammar rules, music theory is also comprised of rules. Piano books should teach rhythm, harmony, and melody.

  • Learning Exercises

After each lesson, there should be practice songs that increase in difficulty. These learning exercises are great for improving dexterity, hand independence, and technical proficiency

  • Practice CDs

Most piano books offer a variety of popular songs in different genres. Some piano books include a practice CD, so you can play along with the disc.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Piano Book

How do you learn best?

The type of piano book you choose to buy will depend on what type of learner you are. If you’re a visual learner, find a book with plenty of pictures and diagrams. If you learn best by doing, you’ll want a book that has exercises and practice pieces.

What do you need to learn?

Do you need to learn more about technique? Are you interested in composing and arranging your own pieces? Your choice of piano book will depend on what your end-goals are.

Where do you find the best piano book for beginners?

While you may be tempted to shop online for your piano book, it’s best to visit a Utah piano store to see the contents of the book before you purchase. Plus, you’ll have access to a team of experts to answer your musical questions.

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With the right piano book, you should be able to polish your piano playing skills and improve quality of your performance. If you are ready to learn how to play the piano, come visit our Ogden piano gallery showroom. Our expert team is here to help you with all your questions and to spread our love of music to you and your family.

Looking for a Certain Piano Book?

Our books offer the opportunity for students to personalize their study and go at their own pace. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we most likely have it in our store. If not, we can special order any piece and have it for you within a few days. Contact Terry or Karen today at or 801-779-9700.

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