Terry Hellstrom

Terry has a wealth of knowledge and experience, resulting from a full life of creating music. Playing piano since the age of 4, Terry has been the pianist for his ward at the age of 10, played on the Eugene Jelesnik show in his teenage years, accompanied multiple ward choirs and vocalists over the years, and is still performing to this day. He taught lessons for over 30 years and was a member of the MacDowell Colony League of Ogden for over 40 years. However, even with all of these wonderful achievements, Terry’s proudest of all is his marriage to his wife, Kathleen, their 4 children, and their 15 grandchildren.

Throughout his now 70+ years of experience, Terry has acquired knowledge that is second to none when it comes to music. Think you have a piece he hasn’t heard of or, most likely, played? Think again! If you’re one of the lucky ones to find something new, he’s eager to help find that piece for you and help get it in your hands as quickly as possible. With decades of accumulated knowledge and a great, friendly personality to match, Terry is a valued member of the team ready to help you however he can.

Terry Hellstrom | Ogden Piano Gallery