10 Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons

Despite popular belief, piano lessons aren’t exclusively for young children. The piano can be learned at any time throughout one’s life, from preschool to beyond retirement. In fact, though there is certainly a positive impact on the brain from learning music as a child, taking piano lessons can be beneficial to anyone, no matter what their age. To learn more about learning the piano as an adult, check out our blog post on the subject. Whether you intend to procure piano lessons for your child or yourself, here are 10 benefits of taking piano lessons.

1. Get Better at Math

Many people think only of the artistic value of music. However, there are multiple practical applications, as well. Music necessarily involves implementing math. To effectively play music, an individual will need to know how to count precisely and correlate specific notes to their specific time. The brain has a lot of work to do when it comes to accurately interpreting notes and lengths of time to play music.

For example, a quarter note played in standard time will have one beat. This is because in standard time (also known as 4/4 time) the 4 on the top of the fraction indicates that there are 4 beats per measure, and the 4 on the bottom indicates that the quarter note has one beat. However, in cut time, (2/2) the length of the quarter note will be cut in half. In this situation, the 2 at the top indicates that there are 2 beats in each measure, and the bottom 2 indicates that a half note is equal to one beat.  Learning music can make it much easier to apply fractions and ratios in mathematical situations.  

2. Increased Concentration

Music involves critical thinking skills in order to perform. A student learning piano has to focus on what they are reading and turn that into motions from their hands. This involves a great deal of concentration. As with most things, the more time you spend concentrating, the better you will be at it. Piano lessons can help to increase an individual’s ability to concentrate and problem solve.

3. Developed Music Appreciation

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When given the choice, most people tend to stick with music styles that they already know they enjoy. Without exposure to other styles, there is simply no way of knowing if you like them! Working with a piano teacher will provide you with exposure to many different styles of music, from classical to jazz. This is also one of the major benefits of the piano specifically. Though many other instruments tend to have limited potential applications, the piano can be used in a large array of music styles. Though many people think primarily of classical music when it comes to the piano, pianos and keyboards are often used in many other kinds of music, including rock and more modern tunes.

4. Cognitive Benefits

Learning how to play the piano has been shown to have many cognitive benefits. This process serves to sharpen the mind, as well as enhance communication skills. These benefits have been shown to be incredibly long-lasting. Many adults show enhanced neural responses due to taking piano lessons as children, even if they no longer play. Though these benefits are likely more pronounced in children, due to the enhanced elasticity of their brains, they can provide benefits for adults, as well.

5. Higher Self-Esteem

Learning to play the piano is in and of itself an accomplishment. Continuing to get better at the piano is even more of an accomplishment. Taking piano lessons can help an individual to have higher self-esteem and remain far more confident in their own abilities. This can help to ensure that they understand that they are capable of accomplishing new things, no matter where they are at in life. Ultimately, learning how to play the piano is incredibly gratifying, as it requires a significant amount of dedication and practice.

6. Enhance Memory Function

There are many ways in which the piano can enhance memory function. For one thing, those who learn how to play piano are likely to play their favorite songs repetitively. In this way, they will come to naturally memorize the song, which will improve their ability to memorize in general. Secondly, in some situations, memorization is required for a specific performance or other reason. Obtaining piano lessons can help to keep your brain sharp and your memory long-term!

7. Motor Skill Dexterity

When one learns to play the piano, they are essentially learning how to work with both hands separately while completing complex actions. In addition, there is a great deal of foot movement involved with the pedals. Hand-eye coordination is used when you read the notes to tell your hands what to do. Learning how to play the piano requires incredibly complex functions, as each hand is functioning independently and simultaneously. This can help in many other facets of life, including actions like typing.

8. Greater Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is talent at piano. Though some may be more naturally inclined to learning piano than others, learning how to play piano takes some time. Piano lessons enforce a sense of delayed gratification. It does not provide immediate satisfaction but provides an enhanced sense of satisfaction after practice leads to accomplishment. This helps to nurture patience in people of all ages.

9. Enhanced Social Skills

Obtaining piano lessons requires an individual to work closely with a teacher in order to learn and improve. This requires a significant amount of communication and social skill, which in turn, enhances these abilities. In addition, playing with an ensemble will require the individual to communicate and work closely both with other musicians and the teacher. Piano lessons can provide valuable social interactions.

10. Stop Bad Habits

Many people learn piano on their own, whether by using beginner’s guides or simply playing by ear. However, in these situations, bad habits may develop. It is far easier to learn how to play correctly in the first place than it is to “unlearn” a bad habit after it has been formed. Obtaining piano lessons can go a long way toward ensuring that you are playing piano with the correct form and in the right manner.

There are a multitude of benefits to obtaining piano lessons. There are additionally many benefits to obtaining a piano. To learn more about finding the best piano for your needs, contact us at Ogden Piano Gallery today!

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