How To Use Teacher Finder

How to Use Teacher Finder

The Teacher Finder is a new service offered by Ogden Piano Gallery and it’s will be for you and by you. The service is to give students and teachers a new way to find each other locally. This guide will give a brief overview on how to register as an instructor, list your instrument you teach, as well as create a bio to explain where you’re located and how you instruct. As a student, this overview will show you how to search for and contact an instructor you are interested in learning from so you can acquire their rates and talk more in-depth about your goals.


Find A Teacher

As more instructors register on our site, you will gain access to more potential instructors. To find a teacher, select the legend in the bottom right corner of the map.

Music Teacher Finder Legend

Within this legend, you can select any instruments that you are interested in and this will limit the map to all relative instructors. From there, simply click on any of the icons to receive instructor information. If there is anything specific you are looking for, you can type that in the legend title for it to display. While the teachers are registering, the title field will not be much use, but after many instructors have completed their registration, this field will become valuable to focus your results.


Registering as a Teacher

In the side column, select “New User? Register Now”

Music Teacher Finder New User

This will take you to a new page that allows you to sign up. It will request an email address, full name, and password. We recommend using a new password that you don’t use on any other website for security purposes. After you fill out the form, select, “Register Now”

Music Teacher Finder Register

Upon Registering, you will return to the home page of the site, simply navigate back to the Music Teacher Finder to continue. When you return, you will see a new button where the registration form used to be that says, “Add a Listing” then select “Places.”

Music Teacher Finder Dashboard

You will be presented with a listing form, fill out all the required categories to proceed, try to be specific on what you offer.

The title is the main title displayed in the listing, the long description is displayed immediately below the title. Use relevant Keywords in the Tag Keyword section to help students find you, this is optional. The Category will be the main instrument you teach and will also determine the icon that is listed on the map, if you teach more than one instrument, specify that in the long description.

After you select your address on the map, you can fill in all the information you would like to supply the student with to contact you. All of these are optional but you should fill out any that are relative to how you would like to be contacted. Finally upload any images you would like to be displayed by your contact information on the listing page.

Find a Teacher Today

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